Processing . . .

To be entirely honest, I already processed. I did it quietly. Inside. Where no one was looking. I am accustomed to that. I say that, not to be critical, not to be negative, and please understand, I have no intention of it landing that way. I understand that is the nature of invisible illness. I … More Processing . . .

This Girl, Endures

Describing invisible chronic illness to someone who does not deal with it is fairly difficult. There is a limit to their understanding and often to their willingness to engage in the conversation. It is understandable. No one wants to be party to another person’s misery. And as such, we often find comfort with other people … More This Girl, Endures

Open Letter to Betsy DeVos

We have pushed this narrative of the failing schools and bad teachers to the point that the general public has lost faith in the public schools, and I understand that is the end game. I get it, the powers that be want charters and vouchers under the guise of choice because there is money to be made. But here is the issue as any teacher or parent will tell you: our children are not products. Education is not a for profit industry. We don’t take children and label them as defective and return any that we think “can’t meet standards” to be educated. We educate them all. We love them all. We push them to be their best academically, athletically, artistically, and altruistically. And it is a right they all share. Educators are passionate that their students maintain that right. … More Open Letter to Betsy DeVos