Throwing Down the Gauntlet: The Afterparty

I can usually tell when people have had a fairly good, drink induced, stupor on a weekend. And this being Mardi Gras weekend, Valentine’s, and Friday the 13th, I figured, it would be as good a reason as a regular Tuesday for most people to party it up.

mardi-gras_45240939 scary valentine

But the tell-tell signs of a “good” weekend on social media?


Somebody stepped on somebody’s toes. (sing it.)

And I won’t stop pointing this mess out. Hate it all you want. Call me negative all you want.


How is fighting, drunken stupors, and conflict a sign of a good time? When did that become the standard?

I mean have a good time, but shouldn’t there be some type of sign when you are approaching too far?


This is the inevitability of a successful weekend?


We brag about our aggression, our machismo, our ability to “put others in their place,” or make them feel small. And I see this roll through my newsfeed over and over and over again. I see this not only from society at large with articles about bullying, and parents abusing children, and politicians taking down the general public. I see individuals, on my friends list, talk about others, call them out (though not by name) on facebook, and put each other down. “Friends” list.

And after a party weekend, it is as if everyone has a friendship for which alcohol is kryptonite. Maybe more than one friendship. Or maybe, a friend. Sometimes, for you alcohol is kryptonite, and you will wake up Monday preparing apologies to try and salvage any relationship you can. (But those statuses you posted, someone already screenshot them.)


But this is really symptomatic of what we have become. We don’t value others. We don’t value people. And we have let that type of thinking, every man for himself, become our priority mindset. And I wonder how many of us are proud of becoming that.


I mean, we ridicule him for it, don’t we?

And so when do we become accountable for putting the same level of expectations upon ourselves that we put on others?

And I think about how many times people have said things about me over the past year. How many times I have been told to be more positive. And I go back and look at my timeline. And I read my blogs. And I see that I am saying, let’s be better people. Let’s be good people.

Promote what should be promoted and defend what should be defended.

Decide what you want in your society.

Is it?

o-RAPE-facebook beatup

bully-92134547-1 threaten bully-girls

Or is it people speaking up to stop it?

Because how we respond to the behaviors of each will determine which continues.


And I had always thought people looking to do harm to others were negative, but that’s me.


And while I enjoy a good laugh, and my fair share of cat and dogs doing silly things on the web, I think we can all do our part to share a little bit of sunshine, and little bit of common sense as well. Because when my feed is overrun with negativity, challenges to fight, fear mongering, and hate, then I do feel the need to speak up. I feel the need to say, we can be better people than this.

And I know, not everyone has the same cause, but that doesn’t mean we have to try to suppress each other’s passions. We all have value and purpose on our own.

I often think about my friends who post statuses relating to their businesses, their professions, their artistic pursuits, and I smile, like, and share. These are valuable pieces of information that others may identify with, enjoy, or find useful. And each of us contribute in a different way.


Just live life trying to be a better person. Try not to hurt others. Share your life. Your humanity.

Because so many have forgotten. And when they look in the mirror, they don’t see that a room even exists in the background around them. And when they walk out into the world, they are unaware that anyone else out there has needs outside of his or her own. And sometimes, they need to be reminded.

And each of us has something to contribute.


Maybe all of you need to stop being so negative.

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